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At Wu Wei Studio we take a personalised approach to help you on your internal martial arts journey and to develop integrative aspects of your physical and mental well-being.


We promote inter-cultural learning for the benefit of individuals and society. Effort and striving have become the hallmarks of society, the by-product being increasing levels of stress, depression, anxiety, tension and unnecessary destruction. Wu Wei Studio is engaged in the development of effortless action without striving and of aligning movement with creative flow. If these principles are cultivated and experienced physically through internal martial arts, the learning is transferable into other areas of life.


Distancing itself from religion,Wu Wei Studio draws inspiration from philosophical daosim as expressed in the writings of Lao Tzu (6th century BCE), who advocated living in harmony with nature, effortless action (wu wei), stillness as a source of strength, virtue and overcoming the hard with the soft. For his ideas see Dao De Jing or have a look at some of the quotations below:

Tai Chi Class schedule

A1 - Beginners: Thurs 6-7pm

A2 - 5 Section Solo Form: Wed 6-7pm

A3 - Beijing 24 Form: Tue 6-7pm

A4 - Long Form 108: Fri 6-7pm

B1 - Push Hands 1: Thurs 7-8pm*

B2 - Push Hands 2: Wed 7-8pm*

B3 - Push Hands 3: Tue 7-8pm*

B4 - Push Hands 4: Fri 8-9pm*

C1 - TBC

C2 - Weapons:  Fri 7-8pm


*on hold until further notice

Next 8-Week Tai Chi Beginners Course

Thursday classes starting 29th Oct 6pm

Please email to book a place.

Maximum number of participants is 4 per class due to social distancing measures.

External study Links

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Health Benefits of Tai Chi (US Department of Health & Human Services)

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