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6th July - 13th July 2018 Tai Chi Caledonia - University of Stirling


A week of Tai Chi, Qigong and Chinese Internal Arts in the heart of Scotland. Several students of Wu Wei Studio will be attending the event. Sam and Yanira Masich are also going to be there teaching.

27th July - 1st August 2018 - Pole to Pole Taiji Summer Camp - Shetland


Shetland will be hosting this year's Pole to Pole Taiji Summer Camp, which is an exchange programme of Wu Wei Studio (Shetland - the very North of the UK) and the School of Tai Chi Chuan and Internal Arts (Brighton - the very South of the UK). Pole to Pole also welcomes other students of the Masich Internal Arts Method (MIAM) from across the globe. 


The aim of the event is to practise and share knowledge of the Yang Style curriculum taught by our teacher Master Sam Masich. The itinerary will be informal and flexible and all tuition will be free and led by volunteer instructors from around the UK/Europe.


Children and families are welcome. Childcare will be shared amongst the parents in the group so that everyone gets to train and spend time with the family. There will also be plenty of opportunity to explore Shetland.



5 nights self catering £100 per person (£50 per child):

27th July - 29th July Bridge End Outdoor Centre

29th July - 1st August Islesburgh Hostel Lerwick

or altrnatively for a range of catered accommodation visit Shetland.org



  • Flights to Shetland from Aberdeen/Glasgow/Edinburgh via LoganAir or British Airways
  • Overnight Ferry from Aberdeen to Shetland with Northlinkferries
  • All transport and transfers in Shetland will be organised by Wu Wei Studio


Booking (plan & book early to avoid disappointment - limited spaces)

  • Shetland students book directly at Wu Wei Studio
  • Brighton students please book via your school's website: taichiandinternalarts.com
  • Any other MIAM student interested please email Juergen Kurtz


Itenery so far (further details to follow)

27/7 Arrival and welcome buffet at Bridge End Outdoor Centre

28/7 Training and exploring Burra Isle/BBQ at Bridge End outdoor centre/evening socialising and push hands

29/7 Training Burra Isle/transfer to Islesburgh Hostel/evening training and exploring Lerwick

30/7 Training and exploring - South Mainland Trip - evening socialising and push hands

31/7 Training and exploring - Westside & North Mainland Trip

1/8 Departure


Any MIAM instructor student interested in facilitating training sessions please email by 6th June.

Next year's Pole to Pole will take place in Brighton ('South').

Events this summer...

6th July - 13th July in Stirling

Tai Chi Caledonia

A week of Tai Chi, Qigong and Chinese Internal Arts in the heart of Scotland

27th July - 1st August in Shetland

Pole to Pole Taiji Summer Camp

(Exchange programme Brighton/Shetland for students of the Masich Internal Arts Method

Tai Chi Class schedule

A1 - Beginners: Thurs 6-7(8)pm

A2 - Beijing 24: Thurs 8-9pm

A3 - Long Form 108: Tue 6-7pm

B1 - Push Hands 1: Thurs 7-8pm

B2 - Push Hands 2: Tue 7-8pm

B3 - Push Hands 3: Sun 7.30-8.30pm

C1 - Sabre:  Sun 5.30-6.30pm

C2 - Sword: Sun 6.30-7.30pm

Next 8-Week Tai Chi Beginners Course

Start: Thurs  6th Sept 2018 @ 6pm

Please email to book a place or come along to a free Open Studio drop-in session on 1st Sept between 2-4pm to find out more.

Open Studio

Saturdays 2-4 pm (next session 1st Sept)

Free Drop In - Meet the Instructor

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