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Wu Wei Studio has been established as a dedicated tai chi and internal arts development and practice space by Juergen Kurtz. His Senior Student Dr Janine McDonald, who has trained with him since 2014, has started her teaching at the Studio in 2019.

Juergen Kurtz

CPE (Cambridge), BD Hons (London), PGCPSE (Open), Instructor (TCUGB)


Juergen was born in Germany and has lived in the Shetland Isles since 1999, where he has been involved with the development and delivery of community services. He has a study background in languages, philosophy, religions, education, psychology and internal martial arts. He is also a seasoned marathon runner and plays volleyball for his local team Venture Globetrotters.


For many years Juergen has been studying advanced full curriculum Yang Style Tai Chi (solo & partner, bare-hand & weapons) with Master Sam Masich, one of the most accomplished mid-generation internal martial arts practitioner in the world and IWSD recognised 8th Level Black Belt. Juergen is one of Sam's instructor students and spends regular intensive study time with him. Juergen is also a fully licensed and insured qigong, health and martial tai chi instructor with TCUGB


Juergen's holistic body-mind tai chi courses and his integrative coaching approach can make tai chi and the internal martial arts physically and intellectually accessible to anyone that would like to explore their deeper aspects as a rich source for personal development.

Dr Janine McDonald

MBCHB (Edinburgh), LFHom (Glasgow), Instructor (TCUGB)


Janine was born in Dumfermline, Fife, and spend most of her working life as a GP in the Scottish Bordes before moving to Shetland in 2009 working in several GP practices here. Now retired, she spends a lot of her time training with Juergen and helping out with coaching at all different levels at Wu Wei Studio.


Before starting to train in the Yang/Masich curriculum here in Shetland, she practiced various tai chi forms and Lau Gar Kung Fu in the Borders. Missing in all her previous tai chi training was the detail and depth of study so cherished by Sam Masich's students, which is taught and nurtured here in Shetland at Wu Wei Studio.


Given her medical background, Janine is particularly interested in the structural and health benefits of tai chi and plans to develop this alsong with her martial arts study, aiming to offer a wider spectrum of health tai chi classes & coaching.


She is also a keen gardener and has developed her scenic garden with outstanding sea views to facilitate outdoor tai chi practice & tai chi fencing training for Wu Wei Studio students during summer months. Her other interests include kayaking, Shetland knitting and classical music.


Janine is insured for martial and remedial tai chi instruction and is an Instructor member of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain.

Tai Chi Class schedule

A1 - Beginners: Thurs 6-7pm

A2 - 5 Section Solo Form: Wed 6-7pm

A3 - Beijing 24 Form: Tue 6-7pm

A4 - Long Form 108: Fri 6-7pm

B1 - Push Hands 1: Thurs 7-8pm*

B2 - Push Hands 2: Wed 7-8pm*

B3 - Push Hands 3: Tue 7-8pm*

B4 - Push Hands 4: Fri 8-9pm*

C1 - TBC

C2 - Weapons:  Fri 7-8pm


*on hold until further notice

Next 8-Week Tai Chi Beginners Course

Thursday classes starting 29th Oct 6pm

Please email to book a place.

Maximum number of participants is 4 per class due to social distancing measures.

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