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1-to-1 and group coaching

In addition to our courses we offer personalised 1-to-1 and small group coaching. The advantage of these sessions is that we can focus on your specific needs and requirements. The Wu Wei Studio change mastery tai chi coaching approch is integrative in terms of focus on physical, mental or philosophical aspects of the art.


Sometimes it is a good idea to get together with a few friends that are on a similar wave-length to do some joint working and learning. The advantage is that the focus can still be very much on your specific needs and interests. It would also work out cheaper, as the cost is shared between you.


Coaching Cost:

Private 1-to-1 coaching: £50 per hour

Private small group coaching: £60 per hour for group size 2-4 (£15 extra for any additional group member)

Organisational 1-to-1 coaching: £70 per hour

Organisational group coaching/training: £100 per hour

Got questions about our coaching?

We're happy to address all your questions or concerns. Email us info@wu-wei-studio.eu or use our contact form.

Tai Chi Class schedule

A1 - Beginners: Thurs 6-7pm

A2 - 5 Section Solo Form: Wed 6-7pm

A3 - Beijing 24 Form: Tue 6-7pm

A4 - Long Form 108: Fri 6-7pm

B1 - Push Hands 1: Thurs 7-8pm*

B2 - Push Hands 2: Wed 7-8pm*

B3 - Push Hands 3: Tue 7-8pm*

B4 - Push Hands 4: Fri 8-9pm*

C1 - TBC

C2 - Weapons:  Fri 7-8pm


*on hold until further notice

Next 8-Week Tai Chi Beginners Course

Thursday classes starting 29th Oct 6pm

Please email to book a place.

Maximum number of participants is 4 per class due to social distancing measures.

External study Links

Brennan Translation (Translations of Chinese martial arts manuals)

Kung Fu Tea (Chinese martial studies - academic posts and resources)

Yang Family Tai Chi (Tai Chi history, philosphy, theory & practice)

Health Benefits of Tai Chi (US Department of Health & Human Services)

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